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Property Tax Exemptions: the California Constitution and Revenue and Taxation Code section 205.5 provides a property tax exemption for the home of a disabled veteran or an unmarried spouse of a deceased disabled veteran.

You may apply for the Disabled Veteran's Exemption​ if:​

  • You are a totally disabled veteran (service related 100% or 100% unemployable), or are blind in both eyes or have lost the use of more than one limb as a result of injury or disease during military service.    
  • You are the unmarried surviving spouse of a qualifying Disabled Veteran who during the veteran’s lifetime was either receiving the exemption or would have qualified for the exemption had the veteran applied for it.  
  • You are the unmarried surviving spouse of a qualifying veteran who died on active duty as the result of a service-connected disease or injury.

There are two levels of the Disabled Veteran's Exemption; a basic exemption and a low-income exemption (based on an income limit):
Both exemption and income eligibility amounts are compounded annually by an inflation factor.

Exemption Amounts and Household Income Limits for Current and Prior Years

Lien DateFactorExemption
Income Limit

Claim for Disabled Veterans' Property Tax Exemption - BOE-261-G

A comprehensive list of Frequently Asked Questions​ pertaining to Disabled Veterans’ Exemptions and Veterans’ Exemptions​ is available on the California State Board of Equalization website. ​If you have further questions, call (916) 875-0720​ (8am-4pm). 
Disaster Relief for Properties Receiving the Disabled Veterans' Exemption ​

​The State Board of Equalization Tax Help for Veterans​ offers information on Veteran's tax topics.

​The Assessor's Office​ is grateful for the dedication and accomplishments of our veterans. ​

Sacramento County's Veterans Service office offers assistance with many programs and benefits.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​