What is SDR?

The Standard Data Record (SDR) system is designed to simplify the process of filing annual property statements for businesses that have multiple locations in one or more California counties.  For more information please see the SDR website FAQ's.

E-File Your Business Personal Property Statement​  January 30 - June 9

SDR Taxpayer Manual 

2020​ Business Property Statement Due Date and Late Filing (Penalty) Dates:

April 1, 2020 -- Business Property Statements Are Due 

May 7, 2020* -- Last Day before 10% Penalty is Applied to Late Filed Statements

Filing deadlines are established in Revenue and Taxation Code Sections 441(b) and 463, and apply to hard copy, SDR, and e-SDR filing.  Please be sure to file on time to avoid a late filing penalty.  No filing extension will be granted. 

*If this date falls on a weekend, a legal holiday, or a day the County Assessor is closed, the filing deadline is extended to the close of the next regular business day.